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Alluring Alana


from The South

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I am fun, flirty, and Articulate and I love to feel like I have helped someone. I would love to guide you to your inner self. More in-tune with your sexuality and more free with how you got there.

Tell me your story; share with me your deepest desire to know where your kink came from. I am a sensual and seductive listener. My voice has been called soothing as well as enchanting . I have a bubbly upbeat composure and enjoy men who can open up with me. I am engaging and genuinely interested in becoming your go-to girl to tell all your secrets and desires to.

I am a student of life raised to be strong and independent. I am a very calming person with a vast array of life experiences. I have spent years exploring and discovering human sexuality. I love gaining insight into what we like and what makes us tick; the layers of our preferences are like the layers of an onion. Life is defiantly a wee bit gray and I love to dabble in the gray.

  • mindful, upbeat, passionate

  • Which celebrity do you fantasize the most about?

    Jodie Foster and Keanu Reeves.

  • What was the strangest date you've ever had?

    The strangest and most fun date I ever had was when I turned 18.

    I was working at a restaurant and I worked with a hot older blonde named Amy. She and her husband took me to a strip club and bought me lap dances.

    The vibe was really heating up and they took me home with them. She tied him to a chair and made him watch her fuck my face and eat me. Amy and I kept up for 18 months. Until she left both me and her hubby for a man from work.

  • What's a craving you can't seem to satisfy?

    Coffee and chocolate... I often have them together.

  • What's your fantasy escape when you want to hide away?

    I have so many different ones.. I love the beach and parks and romantic cabins. I am a Gemini so its ever-changing.