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Anna Maria


from East Coast

Sweet bisexual college girl with a filthy mind

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I'm a bisexual college girl just looking to please. I'm a switch who leans more to the subby side. I have a background in making audio porn, so I love building erotic worlds with just my voice.

I'm goofy and a little sassy, but I know how to be seductive and smoky voiced at times. I draw a lot of inspiration from the femme fatales of the 40s. I'm a huge music nerd; I play the piano, ukulele, sing, and I love to feel the rhythm as I dance.

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  • spontaneous, spunky, tender

  • What type of music gets your in the mood?

    Argentine tango, sexy R&B slow jams, anything by Charles Mingus... There are so many! I can hear a sexy little Spanish guitar riff and immediately something in my body shifts and I'm READY. I also really enjoy 40s lounge jazz smoky voiced female singers.

  • What's a remarkable life experience you've had?

    I had the really cool opportunity to perform for the Pope!

  • What things make you laugh?

    I really like observational humor. I find myself laughing at little things throughout the day. I also enjoy a nice quality spicy meme.

  • What was your last erotic dream about?

    I had a dream that I was going to meet someone who I'd met online for the first time. She's an older woman (I have quite the thing for older women) and she was going to dom me.