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Daeva Reed


from Pacific Coast

Your Ebony Dream Girl

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I would say that I am a unicorn, but I am even rarer than that. So I'm the Pokemon Mew, a floater, or the one that everyone hears about, but never sees.

I am completely random with my way of thinking, my personality, interests, and talent to the point where I am contradictory. I am a freak and love to tease and be playful, but I'm a shy turtle and some of the things that I do in a sexual way does embarrass even me at times.

I have the ability to change my voice which most people tell me ranges from cute, to sexual, sensual, and even intelligent. But even my normal voice can make any man's cock twitch in glee.

  • playful, spiritual, aim to please

  • What about you turns people on?

    I love my physical features- my ass at 46-inches, small boobs, and full lips. I am also an adorkable goofball where I'm just chill and open.

  • Where's the most unusual place you spent the night?

    The most unusual place I have spent the night is a toss up between staying in a riverbed under a tree that I randomly found one day to escape a crazy ex and the night I stayed out at the hot springs with friends right before school started. There's nothing like a hot spring under the blanket of black sky and twinkling stars with close friends.

  • When do you feel the sexiest?

    I honestly feel the sexiest when I am wearing clothes that fit me the way they are supposed to fit where I am fully clothed. With my awkward shaped body, it's hard to find clothing that sits well on my curves. Other than that, I feel quite sexy when I'm just straight up bumming it and being comfortable.

  • What's your fantasy escape when you want to hide away?

    When I want to escape from the tedium of adulting, I fantasize being in my old bedroom surrounded by all the things familiar to me.