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I like to believe that I am an “outsiders” insider. That is to say, I’ve always been popular and charming, but I’m an introvert that feels isolated most of the time.

I’m prognostic and lean right politically. Music and art are big passions of mine. I’m originally from Los Angeles and I miss the city a great deal. I know enough about most subjects: art, entertainment/pop culture, wine, climate change, and such.

I like to hold engaging conversations, but tend to keep my personal opinions to myself. I am very private and intense, but caring and overprotective of those I love.

I’m of Mexican-American descent and fluent in Spanish. I’ve experienced a lot of tragedy in my life. I’ve lost a sibling, experienced job loss, and sickness. I’ve survived abusive relationships. Despite this and much more I still retain a sense of wonder and gratitude.

I love exploring and live for brunch on the weekends. I like cartoons such as Avatar, Gravity Falls and, Bob’s Burgers more than adult television, but GoT, and West World has me hooked on HBO GO every Sunday. I read a great deal, usually long form articles throughout the week and several books a month.

I’m both a lifestyle mistress and professional dominatrix. I know more than the average person about anatomy, psychology, and sexual health. As I’ve gotten older, I realized I have a vast knowledge of vintage/designer clothing and fashion in general and sometimes act as a personal shopper.

  • playful, dominant, dark

  • Which celebrity do you fantasize the most about?

    John Mayer! Tall and skinny usually equates to a big cock. It's also nice that he plays the guitar and has great lips for sucking.

  • Which of your silly childhood idiosyncrasies do you still follow?

    I love crunchy things. I love the Fall when the leaves turn color and get brittle in the cold. I still go for long walks and relish crushing the leaves under my feet.

  • When do you feel the sexiest?

    Late at night after a long, hot bubble bath. I love the sensation of being clean, soft and smooth all over.

  • What was your last erotic dream about?

    I have this fantasy of capturing a young, sexy submissive man and turning him into the perfect servant. Some days I want to break him and his spirit and other days I want him to love Me. Depends on My mood.