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from The South

A feminine ginger girl here to rock your world!

Overall Rating: 8.9

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My name is Alison.

I'm a kind, loving and passionate person to bond with.

I'm a vegetarian, and I love animals and yoga!

Men love my natural look and personality; hence the fact that I'm easy to talk to. I'm a good listener and I give my man my full undivided attention while he is talking. I'm a good companion, and can definitely have a man fall head over heels for me just by my natural personality.

My fantasy would be a threesome. Me and a pretty woman and a man with a huge dick.

  • positive, open to new things, nonjudgmental

  • Which celebrity do you fantasize the most about?

    Justin Bieber. When he first got on the music scene he was innocent, but I like his transition to his naughty persona after he grew up.

  • What's something you never told your parents about?

    I've never told my parents that I had lost my virginity. My parents still think that I'm waiting for marriage.

  • Do you fit the stereotype of how you look?

    People either think I'm a gypsy or some tree hugging, granola eating freak. And they are partially right!

  • What do you usually think about lying in bed?

    How I can better myself, and bring peace and love to people. I'm definitely a people person, and I love to help others.