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Erika Luv


from Pacific Coast

Brains & Beauty

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I hold myself to the highest standard; I am an ambitious young woman with lots of spunk. I'm attending a State University in Washington, as a major in Psychology and minor in Communication. I realize that beauty and intellect are hard to find simultaneously, but I am living proof.

I make documentaries, and attend local music shows in my spare time. I love the arts, and am heavily involved in pop culture. My dream is to be a journalist and a published author. In terms of TV, I love binge-watching Law & Order!

Overall I'm confident in the fact that I am well rounded and determined, But the one area I'm free to let loose and express passion is romantically. I am naturally affectionate and intimate, being a communication major makes me a great listener and a perfect Peach girlfriend. I'm your sexy, nerdy girl next door!

  • playful, submissive, passionate

  • What's the most interesting place you've had sex?

    When I was in High School my boyfriend and I would have sex in an empty classroom. We live at a co-ed boarding school, it was super hot and forbidden.

  • What's something you never told your parents about?

    I never told my parents that I used to sneak out my bedroom window as a teenager to hangout with boys! I'm pretty open with them about things, and most stuff we laugh at now, but for some reason, I'm still a little embarrassed about that one.

  • When do you feel the sexiest?

    I feel the sexiest when I'm natural with as little clothing as possible! Hair wet, just out the shower, and bare-faced, that is when a woman is most beautiful/sexy.

  • What do you usually think about lying in bed?

    While lying in bed I think about my future and achieving my goals. I'm a planning type of girl, so I spend a lot of time at night trying to map out my way to success. When I lay down at night, that is when I acknowledge my achievements and recognize room for improvement.