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Coffee, Tea, or Me?


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I'm twenty-three, a student pursuing a masters in library science, and working as an erotic instructor and model.

I am a transgender woman, which many people find interesting.

I'm an avid reader, particularly novels and books about spirituality. I also love tabletop games.

If I had an album as the soundtrack for my life, it'd probably be Pornography by The Cure.

I also enjoy writing, drawing, and cooking.

I'm very passionate, and loving, and when the occasion calls for it, sweet and gentle, which usually catches people by surprise, and I think that's when they start falling for me.

I'm a you, me, and a pot of coffee at 2 am kind of girl, I make deep connections fast and hold onto to them, and rarely talk about the weather.

I truly enjoy learning from and relating to new people, and my experiences have left me with a greater openness to other perspectives.

Geeks, poets, hippies, activists, artists, and explorers all push my buttons and my boundaries in the best way. I also bond well with more experienced, older men.

I like Eskimo kisses, holding hands on the first date, and I'm not afraid to call sex 'making love'.

On the other hand, I admittedly have a filthy mind. I can be dominant or submissive, and I learned every kinky move I know by having it done to me. I'm a bit of a brat, until it gets beaten out of me.

Ask me about my ex girlfriends.

  • mindful, dominant, romantic

  • What about you turns people on?

    I think people can tell I know exactly who I am, what gives me pleasure in life, and how to get it.

    I speak my mind confidently, and I'm secure in myself whether I'm following someone's lead or if I'm in control. I'm comfortable with my vulnerability, and that gives me power as an individual.

    Is it the way my eyes meet yours? Is it the lick of my lips,
    That throws open locked doors?
    the way I trace the lines of your palms,
    Or the hand on your hips?
    What do I do, that soothes and calms,
    Calls up electricity from your toes to your finger tips?

  • Which of your silly childhood idiosyncrasies do you still follow?

    I won't sleep with my arms over my head because my parents used to tickle me when I was asleep!

  • When do you feel the sexiest?

    I'm a big fan of nude selfies, I'll wake up feeling fine, and just have to document it for posterity, finish my makeup before getting dressed and snap a couple pictures, or bring my phone with me when I take a bath. I'm in love with my body, and I'm totally an exhibitionist.

  • What was your last erotic dream about?

    I was a shape-shifter.

    A beautiful girl and I did acrobatics in bed, rolling and tumbling around, grinding against each other and giving each other wonderful, teasing kisses and licks all over our bodies, but sometimes I was her and she was me, we would switch back and forth again and again, and we'd both look different than before. Sometimes, one of us had a cock.