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I am a very kinky 26 yr old girl, that has experienced so much, I have been in several relationships and in all of them, I was very pleased, and most importantly, I know that I satisfied them all. I would consider myself a heterosexual, I love men, but sometimes I just want to please a lovely lady. I have had my highs and lows, which was difficult to deal with, were I had to relocate a few times, but like any free spirit nothing holds me back.

I would consider me as an introvert, I love to party and travel, but I do need my time alone. Growing up I was raised as a Baptist Christian, who went to an all-girls Catholic school, so you guys know exactly why I might stray to girls, *GIGGLES*. I have traveled only in the USA, one of my goals is to travel the whole USA, before I am 40 yrs. old. I have been to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Delaware, Maryland, DC, Virginia, W Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida.

I have a sweet, sexy, sultry voice, I have made men fall in love with me with just my voice. Men like that I have real sexual experience, they like that I am real person, and they just like my personality. I've always been told that I was a really good listener, I have a soft spot for people who tell me their secrets, you tell me yours and I will tell you mine. As far as my bedroom actives I have so much that I am into/turns me on:
And so much more, just ask me and I will tell you.

I love wearing lingerie, especially my favorite outfit/set, a black satin lace bralette with matching panties, and garter belt with black panty hose, paired wit my favorite pair of black 7” heels. Maybe I'll have it on when you call. *Winks*

  • playful, trusting, aim to please

  • What's the most interesting place you've had sex?

    A Christmas party.

    It was my parents annual Christmas party, I was at the punch bowl when I noticed an old flame of mine, he walked up to me, and we began reminiscing our relationship. When he reminded me of the one thing that we never did as a couple, we had talked about it a few times, but just never got around to doing it. And it was to have sex at a party.

    nNow here we were, at a party nonetheless, at my parents’ house during their annual Christmas party. It was just something that we both wanted to cross off our sex bucket list and why not, party, us two, yes, yes, yes.

    So, we hurried to the downstairs bathroom that’s in the back of the house, as soon as we get into the bathroom we hear my family singing Christmas carols. We close and lock the door and instantly he pushes me up against it, then he begins making out with me. While pinned to the bathroom door he lifts me up, pulling me closer into him, while pushing his body into mine. He reaches up my dress, grabs my panties, but then puts me down to pull them all the way off, then I unbutton his pants, and just pull him out. He picked me back up with no panties on and himself out, his arms under my thighs holding me up, getting ready to pull me down onto him. He pulls me down and then he lifts me up and then pulls me down and lifts me back up again.

    Never really losing contact with one another he continues, he just speeds it up, pulling me down faster and lifting me up quicker. We stay in the bathroom for about 20 minutes and within those 20 minutes we both reached climax. We collected ourselves and we went into the living room and began singing Christmas carols with my family.

  • What's something you never told your parents about?

    Me sneaking guys in and out of my room while they slept.

  • When do you feel the sexiest?

    When I have on my black lacey bra and panty set, with my favorite short little black dress, with my strappy heels on, my hair is up in the front and down in the back.

  • What was your last erotic dream about?

    I was having an orgy with professors at a college.