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Thanks for stopping by to read my profile. I hope my words get your gears turning before we even talk directly. I want to hear your all your most outlandish thoughts, experiences and fantasies.

I am a former sweet country girl that left dusty West Texas and moved on to being a sexy, nude entertainer and diva in Dallas Texas. Feel free to ask about my lifestyle, experience and stripper stories. I am bouncy and bubbly.

Picture me at your favorite gentlemen's club. That's me over there.. sexy eyes with the beautiful face and trim toned body and the really big smile. You can see I take great pride in my looks. You wish a girl like me would give you special attention.. and I will.

Yes, my real name is Lacy, When I was born my Mom was a lingerie designer, known for her sheer and alluring designs. so she thought the name was appropriate.

I have lots of hobbies including working out, fitness, and during the summer I participate in swimsuit contest at bars and clubs. I love laying outside and being sun kissed on a hot sweltering summer day reading books about erotica, politics, rose gardening, crafts, and fashion.

I love to travel and have visited every state except for New Hampshire and Maine. From Seattle's best seafood to driving with the top down on Hwy 1 to those sunny California beaches. Then it was on to Las Vegas.

The East Coast was fun too. New York was a blast; visited lots of alternative clubs, swingers bars and got really nasty! Those boys in the Hampton's really made my nights hot, sexy and well spent.

Got sand in my butt-cheeks (and more)in Key West. A great city, full of sexual energy, diversity, great food and music! Exotic islands are on the vacation list this year.. stayed tuned for the intimate and fun details.

  • playful, spunky, seeks stimulation

  • What about you turns people on?

    It's my big smile, openness, and non judgmental attitude; all the traits of being a good listener. Strangers feel really comfortable opening up to me.

    I have had many sexual experiences and I know what turns people on. I'm dying to know your little crazy fantasies and desires! The more bizarre, the more turned-on I get!

  • What's your idea of a perfect date?

    My perfect date could be many things depending on the blending of our personalities. It might involve laying in the middle of nowhere drinking cheap wine and being silly, laughing,and counting stars.

    Or maybe to a black leather club in downtown New York City with my man sitting beside me while my toes are being sucked by someone who adores my hot pink toenails after an all-day tour of the city.

    Or it could be hot, hungry sex on the highway passing through the desert.

    Or it could be a quiet intimate dinners at home enjoying each other's company.

  • When do you feel the sexiest?

    When i'm getting ready for a incredible date, many things make me feel sexy. Taking a long hot shower knowing a sexy man will soon be sliding down my body with his hungry tongue tasting every inch of my body.

    I dab just a tiny bit of perfume on my neck, shoulders, low back and down the back of my tight toned calves. Just the thought of his hands slowing touching my body makes me feel super sexy. I love sliding into my new black sexy revealing dress and seeing the look on his face as he fantasizes about what's to come.

    As he comes in for a kiss, he rubs his hands down my round butt to learn there are no panties there. All this excites me and makes me dripping wet. I love the fact that in a few hours my pretty black dress will hit the floor. The tasting, touching, and fucking of two lovers who desire and please each other is the ultimate sexy!!

  • What's a wild adventure you always dreamed about taking?

    A dream adventure would involve a worldly gentleman taking me around the world and introducing me to beautiful new things. A man that's interested in seeing me happy, amazed, excited and of course wet!

    He graciously shares his knowledge of the exotic customs of each unique place and treats me to the exotic foods. In these dreams, the days shine bright and the nights are full of stars. And we are always dressed in the finest couture; sexy, fashionable, and skin-baring.

    We have the best sex in the strangest places- treetop hammocks, beach cabanas, tops of famous structures and buildings. We are always happy, smiling and enjoying each other's company. He doesn't mind if share my body with other men and loves to see me explode with orgasms. I can do anything I like, just as long as it makes me happy.