Frequently Asked Questions

For Members

Does it cost anything to actually call and talk to a Peach?

No! Calling a Peach is totally free and all it requires is that you create a free account on PeachBooth. On the Browse Peaches page, check out when each Peach is available to take calls. If they are free, you simply click the “CALL” Button. If they are in the middle of a call, as an premium member you will see an “Eavesdrop” button. This will allow you to instantly stream the conversation they are currently on.
Just like how you can listen in on other users talking to a Peach, your own conversation with a Peach is also made available for PeachBooth users to listen to.

Can I choose not to have my call eavesdropped on or recorded?

Sorry, the reason PeachBooth can provide our users with free calls with our awesome Peaches is because we use the conversation as content for other users. You cannot opt out of being eavesdropped on or recorded.

Will every conversation be put into the library for users to enjoy?

Most conversations will be made available for the archive. But some will not depending on the audio quality, length and other factors. There is usually a backlog of conversations being moved into the archive, so recent conversations might take some time to show up there.
However, EVERY conversation will have the possibility of being eavesdropped on by any PeachBooth user during the actual call itself. But as soon as the call is over, users cannot access the conversation unless it’s put into the archive.

Can I find professional mental health services on PeachBooth?

No. PeachBooth is a platform for users to find someone on the phone for conversation, companionship, and intimacy. PeachBooth is not meant for finding professional mental health help. In fact, it is against our terms of agreement for Peaches to carry out professional mental health services on PeachBooth regardless of whether or not they happen to be qualified mental health professionals.

If you suspect you are suicidal or suffering from any other mental health ailment, please find a qualified mental health professional or contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit

Will my identity and phone number become known to the Peaches?

Your identity and phone number are NEVER known to the Peach or eavesdroppers. When you initiate a call with a Peach, PeachBooth’s system anonymously connects both of your phones. The number that shows up on everyone’s phone will be the 1-800 number of PeachBooth. We highly value everyone’s privacy.

What type of phone service do I need to call or eavesdrop on PeachBooth?

We currently support calls from US and Canada as long as you have a standard 7 digit phone number with 3 digit area code. You can use a land line number, a cell phone number, or a Skype purchased number. We do require that you have good reception and without background noise if you want to call a Peach; Peaches are instructed to end the call if the sound quality is poor.
Premium members can eavesdrop from anywhere around the world as long as they have a good internet connection and are able to connect to the PeachBooth website.
We will extend the calling service to more countries in the coming months, please stay tuned.

Will my phone bill ever be charged?

As far as your phone service carrier is concerned, you are just receiving an incoming call from a toll-free 1-800 number. This type of call is usually free/included for most phone service carriers and phone service plans. If you are unsure, you can always call your phone service provider to confirm. PeachBooth does not charge anything to your phone service.

What does the Premium Membership subscription fee get billed?

Premium Membership bills $4.99 recurring on the first of each month. Your first charge will be prorated based on how many days is remaining in the month.
Your credit card statement will show Caladrius Communications, LLC. You can cancel anytime and your Premium Membership will still be active until the end of each month.

What web Browsers are currently supported?

PeachBooth service currently supports Chrome, FireFox, Safari, iOS and Andriod versions. Other browsers may have limited functionality. Please also ensure you enable Flash Player for Eavesdropping.